SGKC Club Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Members,

We write to you to keep you informed about what is happening at the club in relation to COVID-19.

Everyone should be receiving email information from Karting Australia (KA) on this matter. Please take the time to read them These emails contain important information which will help keep the whole karting community stay healthy during this period. If you are not receiving any information from KA, please let us know so that we can forward it to you and/or get your details added to KA’s system.

Information from KA includes the travel register form (link). Everyone must complete this form prior to attending a KA licensed race track, including practice days.

KA has already postponed some national level events. At this point, we are unsure what will happen with state level events as government guidelines are changing rapidly. Currently, we do not anticipate any disruption to planned club level events, however we may be directed otherwise at some time in the future.

What has physically happened at the club so far:

  1. The Men’s and Women’s toilets in the pit area have both been thoroughly cleaned. A huge thanks to the volunteers who completed this for the benefit of all club members (you!). All the floors, toilets, urinals, basins and surfaces were cleaned with bleach. The hand wash soap dispensers were replaced or re-filled. The toilet paper and hand towels were both re-stocked. Once completed, one side of the Women’s toilets and three of the Men’s toilets were locked. This has happened so that we can more easily keep the facilities clean and safe to use for everyone. The locked toilets will remain locked, not to be used until further notice.
  2. It is now up to YOU, the members, to do your absolute best to keep the club facilities in a clean and tidy manner, so everyone can continue using them safely. Anyone who uses the track regularly would know how quickly the toilets can become ‘untidy’; they don’t get like that by themselves. If you think they need attention, either let us know, or even better, give them a clean. The hand soap bottles are re-filled once empty. Please leave them on the shelf so they can be re-used. At the end of the day, every dollar we spend on replacing toilet items is a dollar we can’t spend on improving the rest of the facility.
  3. This results in an extremely simple equation; your volunteer committee members do not have the time or resources to be constantly cleaning the facility; it’s going to everyone doing their part to maintain cleanliness. If we need to be continually clean up after everyone, considering COVID-19, then we will be left with no choice but to close the toilets – which will mean closing the track. We really want to avoid this.

Please ensure you complete your KA registration form now (link).

We hope everyone stays healthy and hope to see you out at the track soon.

Yours in karting,

SGKC Executive