Rolling Circuit Closures Dec 16th & 17th

***Rolling circuit closures on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th of December***

With the upgrades being made to the control tower over this weekend there will be a need to implement rolling circuit closures. The track will not be closed completely so members are more than welcome to come and practice but keep in mind that for short periods of time, the circuit will need to be shut down.

To complete work on the tower, tyre barriers will need to be moved so if you were to go off where the tyre barriers have been moved, that’s bad! Also a scissor lift will be in use and if you were to go off where the scissor lift is in use, that’s really bad!

Scissor lifts are not squishy people but if you hit one, you’ll be!

Thanks for your patience and we’ll endeavor to keep circuit closures to a minimum and the time in which it is closed as short as possible.