*Please Read* Update – Reverse Direction Practice

Many have asked.

Many have wondered.

When can we practice at Southern in reverse direction?

Well the wait is ALMOST over!

Friday the 7th will see the track begin to be setup for reverse direction racing. At 4pm on Friday we will be looking for anyone who has some time to spare to help the committee members of Southern begin moving tyre barriers. The more help we get the quicker it gets done and the sooner you get on the track. Also this means the track will be closed from this time.

If the work is not complete on Friday afternoon then the track will remain CLOSED until work is finalised as we can’t have anyone on track with tyre barriers not in their correct locations. You know, safety and all that.

All going well, Saturday the 8th will see the track operating in reverse direction BUT we need all the help we can get to make that happen. If you’re one of the many who have been keen to get out and practice then please get down to the track Friday afternoon and give us a hand.

We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated here on Facebook on Friday regarding progress and for the official confirmation that practice can commence.