SAKC 2019 – Entry Fee & Pit Allocation

To all SAKC 2019 entrants, please note the entry fee includes your tyres for the event. If you have not read the ‘supplementary regulations’ you may not have been aware of this when going to enter on CM:S.

Also, pit allocations need to be submitted as soon as possible. You can download the pit allocation form by clicking the link below.

Download – SAKC Pit Allocation Form 2019

Please fill out the form and email it to ‘’


Entries Now Open! 2019 SA Kart Championship

Entries are now open for the 2019 South Australian Kart Championship.

Click Here To Enter (CM:S Login)

Click here to view event ‘Supp Regs’ 

Click here to view ‘Event Permit’

All Day Working Bee – Saturday August 3rd

To all members & working bee aficionados!

Southern Go Kart Club will be holding a working bee next Saturday (3rd August). This working bee will require a full day track closure. We need as many hands as possible, you know, many hands, teamwork dream work etc to get through the long list of things that have to be done.

The list is as follows;

  • Canteen and clubroom require general cleaning (floors, windows and kitchen) in preparation for council inspection.
  • Carry out repairs to fencing and attach signs.
  • Remove some old sections of tyre barriers and make alterations to some of the new sections. Painting of new tyre barriers (mainly require help with moving them around so they can be sprayed).
  • Run new start light wiring (in conduit) from tower to turn 1.
  • Fill and compact kerb drop offs where required.

Tools to bring;

  • Gloves, pliers/side cutters, cordless drills, shovels, rakes and anything else you think might come in handy.

Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Please, to all our members and working bee fanatics, if you can spare the day or even a few hours it would be greatly appreciated. Every bit of help goes a long way to ensuring SGKC remains SA’s premiere kart track.

Important Notice – Track Configuration.

*Attention Members*

The track has now been restored to its normal anti clockwise direction. ALL practice must been done in the standard configuration, so when you leave the out grid you continue up the main straight as normal.

New Lap Records – Reverse (clockwise) Direction

A whopping 10 lap records were set at the 3rd round of the Festival State Cup on Sunday the 16th. This was the first time for quite some time Southern has run its circuit in reverse and the following 10 drivers made the most of it smashing out some impressive times.

Cadet 9
Jensen Marold

Cadet 12
Anthony Capobianco

KA4 Junior light
Christian Cowie

KA3 Senior Light
Joshua Denton

4SS Senior Medium
Thomas Fritz

4SS Senior Heavy
Peter Fritz

TaG 125 Light
Daniel Wallis

TaG 125 Heavy
Ben Edwards

TaG 125 Restricted Light
Ryan Morgan

TaG 125 Restricted Medium
Daniel Boorman

Congratulations to all our new record holders. Well done!

All lap records, both anti-clockwise and clockwise can be found here Track Information & Lap Records

Important Statement / FSC 3rd Round – Please Read

Over the weekend (16/06) SGKC hosted the 3rd round of the Festival State Cup and unfortunately an error has come to our attention. Podium places in two classes were incorrectly issued at presentation. Competitors effected have been contacted and an apology and explanation given. The error is now resolved and FSC series points have been corrected to reflect this.

So what happened? Put simply, it was human error. When tallying the overall points for the day, two check boxes in two classes where not selected therefore the ‘final’ was not counted towards the total points for these classes which negatively effected podium positions and FSC points.

We strive to ensure mistakes are minimal especially when those mistakes effect results, not only for the days placings but towards series points. Please understand that each and every person that help run these meetings volunteers their time, race days are long and can be extremely hectic behind the scenes. Sometimes these things happen.

Fortunately we came across this error quickly, rectified it and all competitors involved have been very understanding. Results from each class have been double checked so rest assured all class results and subsequent FSC points are correct. So again, apologies to those effected by this and we’ll do our utmost to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

*Please Read* Update – Reverse Direction Practice

Many have asked.

Many have wondered.

When can we practice at Southern in reverse direction?

Well the wait is ALMOST over!

Friday the 7th will see the track begin to be setup for reverse direction racing. At 4pm on Friday we will be looking for anyone who has some time to spare to help the committee members of Southern begin moving tyre barriers. The more help we get the quicker it gets done and the sooner you get on the track. Also this means the track will be closed from this time.

If the work is not complete on Friday afternoon then the track will remain CLOSED until work is finalised as we can’t have anyone on track with tyre barriers not in their correct locations. You know, safety and all that.

All going well, Saturday the 8th will see the track operating in reverse direction BUT we need all the help we can get to make that happen. If you’re one of the many who have been keen to get out and practice then please get down to the track Friday afternoon and give us a hand.

We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated here on Facebook on Friday regarding progress and for the official confirmation that practice can commence.

Festival State Cup Supp Regs / Reverse Direction

The supp regs for the third round of the Festival State Cup have been approved…and this round will be run in reverse direction 🏎️👈◀️⬅️🔙⏮️

***Club President Special Comment***


There is still some work to do to ready the track for reverse direction racing so until further notice it will remain in it’s current configuration/direction.

Once the work is finalised and the track has been switched we will notify you right here on Facebook and members will be free to practice in reverse.

***Another Club President Special Comment***


Click here to view supp regs.

Bulliten – Bolivar Historic GP 2019

*Attention Bolivar Historic GP Entrants & Attendees*

Changes have been made to the schedule for this weekends meeting.

1. Friday removes. Meeting now Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th.
2. Plus (+) 1 hour to Sundays times.

Bulliten link below.

Bulliten – 2019 BHGP

Bulliten – Festival State Cup Rd 2

Attention all ‘Festival State Cup’ entrants.

Regarding practice on Saturday, a revision to the time has now been made. To view the bulliten please click the link below.

Bulliten – Festival State Cup Rd 2