KZ2 Cash Prize 2020 State Championships

Question for all those KZ2 drivers out there.
Is there anything better than hauling one of these absolute weapons around one of the best tracks in the country?
If you said no then you are wrong!
Why? Becuase if you haul your KZ2 over the line in 1st place in the final you’ll be taking home a $500 cash prize!!! Now that’s a cherry 🍒
Does it get better than that? No you say? WRONG!
If we get 20 KZ2 karts we’ll double it! Yep, a cool $1000 for the winner. There may not be a ‘Blue Plate’ on offer but for a grand you could buy a hell of a lot of them 😉
So get your cog swapper ready, get entered and make your run for that sweet, sweet cash money baby 🤑🤑🤑