Membership Options

Individual Membership:

  •  Adults 18 years and over.

Family Memberships:

Cadet 9’s, Cadet 12’s and Junior karters must join within a family membership with an adult taking out the prime membership.

  • Cadet and Junior members must not use the track or circuit without their participant license holder being present.
  • All family members must live at the same address.
  • All memberships are at the discretion of the committee.

Regional Memberships:

  • Regional memberships are available to current members of regional clubs who permanently reside more than 200kms from Southern Go Kart Club. Persons living interstate wishing to apply for a regional membership must have a full club membership in the State in which their license is issued, and be a “border club” e.g Mildura. If that full club membership expires your regional membership will become suspended until the full club membership is reinstated.

Social Memberships:

  • Social membership does not entitle the member to apply for a KA racing licence or to race/practice on the circuit.

***For all questions relating to Karting Australia licenses please contact State Secretary Melissa Rees. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Annual Fees

Individual Membership – $295 inc. GST (full payment only)

Family Membership – $295 inc. GST (full payment only)

Regional Membership – $105 inc GST (full payment only)

Vintage Membership – $130 inc GST (full payment only)

Social Membership – $25 inc. GST (full payment only)

Membership Applications, Info & Other Forms:

The easiest and fastest way to obtain a club membership (and license) is through the online application on the Karting SA website.

  • Select “New Licence Application” and follow the prompts
  • When the site asks for club membership, nominate Southern Go Kart Club. Further on in the process you will be able to apply for membership.
  • With this method, both licence and membership will be processed virtually instantaneously.

Alternatively, you can join (or renew) your membership using the document below. Complete the form, mark the type of membership then email the form to;

Membership Renewal

Membership (and license) renewal can also be processed immediately through your ‘Licence’ tab on CM:S.

Membership Form(s) 
*to download the editable pdf, download must be done via a PC or mobile/tablet with software capable of editing a pdf.

Club By-Laws / Track Rules / Circuit Rules


Please direct any club membership questions to;
Membership Secretary
Steve Nicholson
T: 0400 911 791

For all questions relating to Karting Australia licenses please contact;
State Secretary
Melissa Rees
M: 0499 222 060