Important Statement / FSC 3rd Round – Please Read

Over the weekend (16/06) SGKC hosted the 3rd round of the Festival State Cup and unfortunately an error has come to our attention. Podium places in two classes were incorrectly issued at presentation. Competitors effected have been contacted and an apology and explanation given. The error is now resolved and FSC series points have been corrected to reflect this.

So what happened? Put simply, it was human error. When tallying the overall points for the day, two check boxes in two classes where not selected therefore the ‘final’ was not counted towards the total points for these classes which negatively effected podium positions and FSC points.

We strive to ensure mistakes are minimal especially when those mistakes effect results, not only for the days placings but towards series points. Please understand that each and every person that help run these meetings volunteers their time, race days are long and can be extremely hectic behind the scenes. Sometimes these things happen.

Fortunately we came across this error quickly, rectified it and all competitors involved have been very understanding. Results from each class have been double checked so rest assured all class results and subsequent FSC points are correct. So again, apologies to those effected by this and we’ll do our utmost to make sure this doesn’t happen again.