Started in 1960, the Southern Go Kart Club has grown from a simple dirt circuit then to now being 782 metres of bitumen with a circuit capacity of 32 karts. There are both short and long circuit configurations and can be run in an anti-clockwise and clockwise direction. A maximum lateral G-Force of 3.2G is pulled.

The Pit Area is big enough to cater for over 300, including a trailer, and there’s enough room for trade spaces (by prior arrangement) at major race meetings. The In-Grid and Out-Grid are both under cover and there is grandstand seating in the pit area and along the main straight.

The electronic main gate allows for easy entry and exit, with a swipe card supplied to each member upon commencement of their membership. There are toilet facilities both in the pit area as well as behind the main straight, next to the clubroom. For country and interstate drivers, on site camping is available but prior arrangement is required.

Our clubroom is licensed, with hot food and sandwiches served all day (a BIG thanks to the people who volunteer) for spectators and racers a like. Whether it be the summer months or winter months, our air-conditioned club rooms are a great place to view the entire circuit and take in all of the great racing action.

Club Meetings and Minutes

The Southern Go Kart Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the SGKC clubroom.

Meetings are open for anyone to attend and are a great way to contribute to the running of the club. Meetings are the best place for issues and concerns to be raised and we welcome feedback from all members, perspective members, guests and their families.

*Minutes from each meeting will be published as they are approved.

Next General Meeting

There are no upcoming events.

SGKC General Meeting Minutes

State Karting Council Meeting Minutes

State Karting Forum (Karting SA)

SGKC Life Members

1966 Inglis (Keith)
1966 Miller (Pam)
1966 Miller (Joe)
1966 Munn (Ray)
1966 Savage (Jim)

1968 Kuerschner (Frank)

1972 Kuerschner (Joyce)

1973 Atkinson (John)

1977 Atkinson (Thelma)
1977 Brown (May)
1977 Hannam (Jack)
1977 Hannam (Laurel)
1977 Martin (Claude)

1981 Glazbrook (Nan)
1981 Glazbrook (Ron)
1981 Goodfellow (Colin)
1981 Goodfellow (Pam)
1981 Hannam (Ken)
1981 Hannam (Marie)

1982 Bright (Betty)
1982 Morgan (Dawn)
1982 Morgan (Ken)

1985 Beauchamp (Helen)
1985 Beauchamp (John)

1986 Moat Snr (Colin)

1989 Miller (Dennis)

2002 Davis (Dianne)
2002 Davis (Trevor)

2007 Kissock (David)

2008 Oxford (Arnold)

2009 Owen (Gary)

2010 Boorman (Dave)
2010 Lester (Jim)
2010 Tolmer (Darryl)
2010 Vigar (Jill)

2012 Lester (Debra)

2014 Pearce (Kym)

2015 Mitchell (Warren)

2019 Karavas (John)

2020 Nicolson (Steve)